Latest Album:
Okkult II

Record Company:
Massacre Records

Artist Info:

ATROCITY, one of the most successful metal bands from Germany, was formed in 1985 and is known as
one of the most experimental and varied bands in the history of metal and as the pioneers of German death
metal! They are not shy when it comes to venturing into uncharted terrain, while always delivering top-class
productions. A good example is their album "Werk 80 II", which entered the German Media Control Charts on

ATROCITY already played on 5 continents, over 50 countries and played hundreds of gigs.
"OKKULT" (2013) marked the beginning of a very special album trilogy, that the metal scene has not seen
until then! Following their "OKKULT" world tour, ATROCITY once again signed with Massacre Records und
released the "Masters of Darkness" (EP) in December 2017 as a harbinger of the death metal flagship's
upcoming album "OKKULT II", which will hit the stores with full force on July 6th, 2018.

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