U.D.O. - U.D.O. Livestream Show - Rerun


U.D.O. Livestream Show - Rerun

Dear Friends!

Our Stream Show on 28.11.2020 was very well received by you, but because many missed the stream or were not able to watch it at that time, we want to repeat the show again. ATTENTION: This is a replay of the show from 28.11.2020!

The new date is Saturday, 09.01.2021 at 20:30!

We have slightly reduced the ticket prices this time around.

To ensure fairness, ALL buyers of a ticket for the show on 28.11.2020 will receive an access code for the 09.01.2021 show upon request and free of charge! So, if you already bought a ticket for the 28.11.2020 show and would like to watch it again on 09.01.2021, please contact using the same email address as the ticket was ordered with at that time! Subject Line Keyword: "AGAIN"

Orders can only be accepted up to 05.01.2021!

Furthermore, we would like to cordially invite ALL employees of doctors’ offices and hospitals as well as assisted living and nursing homes to the show and present them with free tickets. So, if you work at such a facility and want to watch the show for free, please contact as well! Subject Line Keyword: "HERO"

Please also mention the name and city of the facility where you work.

And for all nurses, doctors and assistants who won´t be able to watch on 09.01.21 because, for example, you´re out on the front lines saving lives, please also contact us at: using the Subject Line Keyword: "HERO ON DUTY" and we will send you a small fan package.

We wish you all a virus-free Christmas season and wherever there is a lockdown: Remain patient! It's worth it!

Best Greetings,

Udo, Sven, Andrey, Dee and Tilen

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